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Outboards and Me


Outboards have been a big hobby of mine for quite some time.

As my hobby progressed, I started gathering the special tools needed to service engines.
As I work on many older engines, a lot of the special tools are no longer available. I would frequently visit eBay keeping an eye out for used tools.

These old, used, service tools can be had at a decently low cost.
Problem is for many sellers (and buyers) they don’t quite know what these tools are, or what they do.
Therefore, they (the tools) are usually only described by the condition, and the part number; which is usually engraved into the tool.

As there is a large lack of information on the internet about these tools, I started gathering service tool catalogs and service bulletins, to help myself identify the tools being sold.

When I came across a low-priced tool I would reference my catalogs to see what it was.
With so many, this proved to be a lengthy process.

One day I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be easy if this was all on one searchable website?”
..and that is what I set out to do.