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Service Tool Modification - Gear Holder


Date: April, 2003

MODELS: 60-140 HP 4-Stroke Johnson,
2001 and newer
No. 2003-03(S)

SUBJECT: Service Tool Modification: Gear Holder



A change to Gear Holder, P/N 342689, provides
two additional holes on the lower plate of the as—
sembly. This change allows the tool to be used for
shim adjustment measuring and propeller shaft
bearing housing removal on “tab”-retained propel-
ler shaft bearing housings.


Order new lower plate, P/N 351235, and install on


Modify existing tools by performing the following
- Remove the lower plate.
- Drill two additional holes in the lower plate,
0.421 in. (11 mm) in diameter.
- Use a center punch to mark positions prior to
drilling holes.
- Chamfer top edge of holes to a 45° angle.