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Date: October, 2004

MODELS: Evinrude/Johnson V6

No. 2004-09(S)

SUBJECT: Gearcase Alignment Gauge Kit (V6), P/N 5006349

A new service tool has been developed for servicing Evinrude and Johnson outboards. Use Gearcase Alignment Gauge Kit, P/N 5006349 to check the condition of all late model V6 gearcase housings prior to reassembly.

Check the alignment of the gearcase housing on gearcase assemblies that have experienced impact damage and/or internal bearing and gear failure.

Distorted gearcase housings affect driveshaft to propshaft alignment and gear alignment. Failure to prop­erly identify distorted gearcase housings can result in replacement gear failure. This type of failure is not covered by warranty.

This gauge kit assembles to the forward bearing housing of a standard rotation gearcase and driver han­dle, P/N 311880 (existing tool). Assemble as indicated to check all V6 gearcase housings (1979 and new­er 4 hole water inlet, "0" and "L" types; and "M" and "XP" types). Refer to P&A Bulletin No. 2002-02 to properly identify gearcase types.

  1. Gearcase Alignment Gauge Kit, P/N 5006349
  2. Driver Handle, P/N 311880

Assemble gauging head with forward thrust bear­ing and washer onto forward bearing housing with retainer and shift pin. Thread driver handle into back of gauging head and tighten. Position reverse thrust bearing and washer on gauging head.

  1. Gauging head                                              
  2. Forward thrust washer and bearing
  3. Retainer
  4. Driver handle, P/N 311880
  5. Reverse thrust bearing and washer

Insert assembly into cleaned gearcase housing. Make sure that forward bearing housing seats completely into front of gearcase housing.

  1. Forward bearing housing                               
  2. Pinion bearing, assembled

Temporarily install the propeller shaft bearing housing without large 0-rings (or locking wedge, if equipped). Bearing housing must be fully seated in gearcase housing. Install lower tab retainer in housing and secure with thumb screw (if equipped)

  1. Bearin.7 housing                                                   
  2. Thumb screw

Temporarily install driveshaft bearing housing without seals and 0-ring into gearcase housing and secure with two (2) screws. Bearing housing must be fully seated in gearcase housing.

1. Driveshaft bearing housing                                            

Use driver handle to turn gauging head as needed. Position gauging head to allow gauging shaft to slide easily into alignment hole in gauging head.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT force shaft into alignment hole. Shaft MUST slide easily into hole of gauging head. If shaft does not slide into hole, gearcase housing is damaged and must be replaced.

1. Gauging shaft                                                                     

Assembled Cutaway View